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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

I've been rewatching DS9 too, but am near the end of the second season (last watched Collaborators). I've got to say, I thought If Wishes Were Horses is the worst of the first season - much worse than Move Along Home. The initial hook with Rumplestiltskin is okay, but it badly goes downhill with all that stuff about spinning verterons or whatever. It's painful. Move Along Home has the cop-out "it's only a game!" ending, but there's some quite nice stuff with Quark and Odo along the way. It's still pretty poor though.

Though I should say I skipped The Storyteller, as I remembered it being one of the most stupefying episodes of all time.

I loved Dramatis Personae. The mutiny starts of believable at first, but later on the factionalism is quite telling - Sisko is not yet totally committed to the job, O'Brien is completely loyal to Sisko, Bashir revels in the secrecy and plotting, Kira is impatient and not totally behind Starfleet, Jadzia is still coming to terms with being joined. Odo walks the line between the factions, looking for the solution.

In The Hands Of The Prophets is a superb bookend to the first season, and sets up the themes of the second. I never had much time for Bareil originally, as I couldn't understand why Kira was really attracted to him, but I've come to appreciate him more this time around. It's a good introduction for him opposite the brilliant Vedek Winn, the second great villain DS9 introduced. The creationism debate is interesting and well discussed, and seems as relevant now as it ever did.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the Circle trilogy.
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