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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 23: (Ending 06.20.93)
TNG: Timescape (Airdate 06.14.93)
DS9: In The Hands Of The Prophets (Airdate 06.20.93)

Two good episodes here. One's an entertaining -if implausible- mystery; the other brings the religion-science debate to the forefront of a Trek episode, and (somewhat surprisingly for Trek up to that point) doesn't utterly dismiss the merits of religion in the process.

Yes, both are good, but DS9 gets the edge here, in that it's more of an Event Episode, so it carries stronger emotional resonance. Also, although Timescape executes the solving of the mystery skillfully, the direction in Prophets is some of the best Trek had seen. You've got all these minor, seemingly inconsequential events occurring at the beginning, yet as the episode progresses, everything comes together in quite the climax (yes, I admit I like the overly cliche "NOOOOOO!" scene -it's the music cue, dammit!). Plus, to end the entire season on one of the most understated-yet-poignant denuemants the franchise had seen (what, no cliff-hanger!?) was a very bold choice indeed.

I suppose I should still do TNG's season finale for the next week, then I'll do a season tally before moving onto S2.

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