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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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Dude, really, why are you so antagonistic?
If I come across as antagonistic and you wonder why you feel the need to castrate me. I suggest you read Plato's "Allegory of the cave" .

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I have "investigated" why I love this movie in countless threads.
Would you care to point me to a thread where that is true? I say that without sarcasm, because I am interested in reading a concrete point of why this movie is so great. Beyond the flashy graphics.

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Your first sentence makes no sense, that is not what I said at all. Maybe you don't see how you come across.
If you do not understand why I feel its a complete reversal for someone to claim that trekkies are the bullies of all those jocks that now like this movie.
You have obviously not been picked on as a kid for being nerdy.

But I do not wish to hijack this thread from the OP. I think he have some valid points to raise.

I can identify with him, because I was picked on as a kid. And now it seems those jocks that bullied me call themself trekkies. All of those jocks seems so willing to jump on the cool bandwagon. Where were they when trek wasnt cool?
Now it seems that the word trekkies have lost its stigma, this invalidates all the suffering a nerdy child goes through, and still held his/her head high claiming to be a trekkie.

Trek had been dumb down, make no mistake about that.
And now the dumb down masses that like the nu-trek, is making fun of the trekkies that like it for intelletual reason.
*flash back of the highschool beatings come to mind* The irony is that only this time its done by self proclaimed trekkies.
"The truth must dazzle gradually, or everyone be blind." -Emily Dickinson
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