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Re: "Thrusters on full" ~Spock

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"It didn't feel right".

"It's incredibly odd and unimaginative".

"Is this all the writers could come up with?".

Jesus Christ. It's one fucking line. It had one function: To show the passing of the torch from Spock's era to the new era. It functioned fine.
It is likely the final line we will ever have from one of the original crew - of any series, let alone TOS. I don't think it's unreasonable for people to want it to be something special.

I'm yet to see any better ideas though.
Kim: I'm detecting some weird technobabble.
Janeway: A possibly dangerous anomaly that we know nothing about?
Kim: Yeah. I suppose we should steer clear.
Janeway: Ha! Good one, Ensign. Take us in, Mr. Paris.
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