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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

Tentacle wrote: View Post
ohhh i took that test and here is what i got

11-16 Correct:
You are a Trekkie! Congratulations would be given, but none are required. You are already too cool for internet social affirmation. So crack open a bottle of Aldeberran whisky and a plate of Racht, pop in your favorite Trek DVD and live the life of the righteous!

But then I ask the question, is star trek merely trivia or cannon to you?
If so you have sadly miss the point.
Well see there's the thing about internet personality tests. It's just a rough indicator. If you want a real assessment, it will have to be a longer test administered by a licensed psychologist. But I could think of worse things to spend your doctoral thesis doing!

You make a good point, Tentacle! Perhaps it is also a lifestyle choice and not just a measure of your viewing habits?

I'd write more about it but I'm waiting for that grant to come in....
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