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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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This is what makes the word "trekkie" a bad thing, dividing yourself from fans and denigrating them purely because they liked some part of this enormous franchise that you didn't.
awww so a trekkie is someone who denigrates other fans? Since when did the reversal of the roles happened?
If that were the case then i shouldnt have the broken ribs in highschool.

I suspect you were never picked on during your youth?

And just for your record I have never said that liking trek for all the "other reasons" (which you have failed to clarify what they are) is somehow a negative.

I have been openminded towards those that like the movie. And would love to read why they like it so much beyond the simplist version of its sooo gooodd, and well acted.

This is more I can say about your inability to see the failings of this movie. And a refusal to even investigate why you love this movie so.
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