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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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I believe for those that claim to be hardcore fans, "trekkies" as they call themselfs. They certainly do know their cannon and all that. But they never did buy into the grander ideals of trek. That is why it is so easy for them to like this new movie. Those fans in my opinion liked trek for all the cosmetic reasons, and not the heart and soul of it.
Oh please. Are you actually saying that old trek fans who liked the movie were somehow shallow compared old trek fans who disliked it?

Yes I have spent 32 years liking Trek for cosmetic reasons, LOL
Well lets examine that shall we?
What did you like about the old trek?
And was it in this movie?
Really I have no desire to turn this thread into a soapbox for you to crap all over the movie. I have even less desire to read your crapping all over fans of that movie.

This is what makes the word "trekkie" a bad thing, dividing yourself from fans and denigrating them purely because they liked some part of this enormous franchise that you didn't.

And OP, I understand where you are at, but really it's okay to share stuff that is special to you with the masses. Who knows one of those drooling anime girls might actually end up a big time Trek fan and you will be inviting her up to your room to watch DS9 dvds.

In high school (I'm assuming you are in high school) many people are fans of stuff whether it is anime, Trek, Star Wars, WWF.. but only a few of these people go on to pursue fandom past high school. Fandom of anything. IME those fandom people are highly likely to expand their realms of fandom and educate themselves in other universes. You have no way of telling which of these drooling anime girls will actually spend her young adulthood and beyond pursueing fandom. Yes the majority will drop it overnight but not all. So, you never know, there could be someone in that group who has it in her to want more Trek after seeing this film. If you are someone who owns lots of Trek you could be the one to open her mind! LOL

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