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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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Am I a fan, or a Trekkie?

Good question! Well this difficult question inspired me to write a little quiz to help people find out.

The Trekkie Temperament Sorter:
11-16 Correct:
You are a Trekkie! Congratulations would be given, but none are required. You are already too cool for internet social affirmation. So crack open a bottle of Aldeberran whisky and a plate of Racht, pop in your favorite Trek DVD and live the life of the righteous!
I wouldn't consider myself a trekkie, more like a slightly-more-enthusiastic-than-average fan with way too much free time to read forums and watch DVDs. I've never even been to a convention
You're a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain.

RIP Star Trek 1964-1999
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