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Re: Was Nemesis Really That Bad or Just Poorly Timed?

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I would disagree that Nemesis is a decent movie. It is indeed a terrible film for all the reasons you've listed above. Its primary fault is that it is too derivative of previous Trek films and TV shows. It is a mashup of Trek 2, 6, Mirror Mirror, Datalore. It is a movie that tries to service the fans and service new viewers, yet fails in that it contradicts elements of the established series (a Soong prototype nobody knew about,) and glosses over characterization that new audiences would need to have any emotional investment.

But, allowing emotion to enter into the conversation, Nemesis' sin is that it has no heart, no soul whatsoever. Data sacrifices himself and, as an audience member, I do not care. It's just so arbitrary and unnecessary.
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I really dont understand all the hate for Nemesis. It was a flawed film...VERY flawed, but the worst Trek movie ever? Not by a longshot.

Many people complain about the plot holes.
I think Nemesis had the potential to be the best of the TNG movies. A better director and a rewrite of the script would have helped, but you've gotta judge a movie based on what it was, not what it could have been.
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I agree with all of your point. It lacked heart, it lacked soul, it lacked character. There some intriguing ideas (the Picard clone, the internal struggles of the Romulan Empire, people taking different directions), but they are never developed into full form. The script really needed a rewrite or two, ditch some stuff (B4, the Nosferatus), and get more character moments. The visuals are amazing, but it's the icying without the cake: you just get nauseous.

So I agree with all of your arguments, but not with the conclusion: it was really that bad. If could have been good, but they should have needed to rework it from scratch, giving to us what was almost another movie, with a similar plot but very different results.
I agree with these posts but saying it was bad is just irrational thinking IMO. It was not a bad film. Was it a BAD Star Trek film? NO, again. It suffered from almost assnine direction from an assnine script that THREE people should not have been involved with. The lacking of heart I do believe was having a pisspoor director that knew shit about the franchise. It is one of the Treks I leastly watch but it wasn't BAD.
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