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Re: STVII-X TNG films Blu-ray spec. features wishlist

The recently released TMP through TUC Blu-rays establish a precedent for commentary by people involved in Trek but not necessarily with the movie at hand. For example, the Star Trek XI writers did the new TVH commentary and Ron Moore and Michael Taylor did the TSFS one.

While those commentaries were people from later Trek looking back at the TOS movie era, perhaps the new commentaries should have some people from the TOS movie era looking forward to the TNG movies? (Especially if you can get Nicholas Meyer to do one; his previous commentaries were pretty good.)

Notwithstanding the above, if the Star Trek XI writers want another shot at commentary, let 'em have it. Their TVH commentary was kind of blah because they weren't able to say much of anything about the new film, but now that the release is out of the way they can be more specific about how previous Trek influenced things in the new Trek and such.

And I agree with the OP that a writer/producer commentary for Insurrection would be useful since there isn't one now, although maybe more as a "For the Record" (or a "What were they Thinking") standpoint, which is how I took the existing Nemesis commentary.
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