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Re: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier enhanced effects reel

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It was a new set. Ten-Forward hadn't even been built at that point.
I think ten-forward was the last thing Zimmerman did for TNG before going on to TFF, and no, the sets are nothing alike (the TFF one is pretty good, the TNG set is boring as hell.)
I don't think there was much to it...the big windows, the Captain's Wheel...and the thing that popped up through the floor. Otherwise it was darkly lit, so who really knows what the set looked like?
The ability to use the set AS the set plus as those limbo environments for Spock and McCoy without resorting to opticals is pretty tremendous to me. And I really like the RP starfield stuff ... I think if they had tried to go bluescreen the whole thing would have looked worse, not better, and it would have crippled the moving camera stuff that IS in there.
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