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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

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That said, I DID once make a 2hr detour to visit Vulcan, Alberta...
Now we understand why it's other namesake got turned down, when they asked if they could host the premiere!

I wonder if a black hole has subsequently removed it from any map.
The fact that they don't even have a movie theater was probably more an issue in this case!

I did see an interview of Leonard Nimoy on Space about the movie and this came up. He himself made some calls to arrange for about 200 resident of Vulcan to go see the premiere in Calgary.

Just shows how nice he is. And he's not even Canadian unlike that other trek guy... Just kidding obviously but how Shatner ever got a university pavillon named in his honor is beyond my understanding.
"I kept the Vulcan and married the woman, 'cause I didn't think Leonard would have it the other way around."
-Gene Roddenberry
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