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Re: Why no IDW comics with ENT, DS9 or VOY?

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Not sure if this has been discussed before (if it has, my apologies) as I could not find a similar thread.

First off, I don't know about you, but I have been greatly impressed with IDWs run of TREK comics. It is the best Trek Comic Lit I have read in many years, the best since DC had the property.

They seemed to have adapted the Dark Horse Comics model of carefully releasing quality limited series centering on significant Trek events. They have even begun re-releasing previously published story collections from other publishers.

Does anyone know if they have any plans for the other series in the franchise?

Is it simply because the licencing fees are too expensive that they have not yet released any ENT, DS9 or VOY titles?

I personally, would love to see them publish an Enterprise comic series, in a similar vein of what Pocket Books is doing, exploring in greater detail the formation of the Federation.
I'm a big fan of IDW's Star Trek comics as well. And yeah, they only have the rights to Classic Trek and TNG. Still, they're putting out a compilation of old DS9 comics, and if that does well, perhaps they might consider investing in other Treks.

By the way, I hadn't been excited about the Next Gen stories until I got to "The Last Generation." That was great! You should see what they do to Wesley's hair and it's penciled by Gordon Purcell.
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