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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I'm not sure why I'm adding my two cents but ah, well.

I've been a lifelong fan of Trek. I've loved it when it was just a money making venture that happened to explore the Cold War or the social topic in space in the guise of science fiction. I loved it when it was filled with acting that ranged from excellent to mediocre, campiness, torn shirts, and no effort to be truly scientific. I loved it when it matured into something that, unfortunately, became a religion to some, acting that ranged from excellent to bad, efforts to invoke science that sometimes worked and sometimes didn't, when the concepts ranged from the sublime to the moronic, and when the writers couldn't figure out how thing should work even within the same series. I've even loved Trek when the characters (from TOS through the movies to Enterprise) committed crimes (stealing ships, assassinations, destruction of planetary biospheres, etc) to suit themselves or some higher purpose.

That being said, I loved this movie. After watching it, I was planning to rewatch TMP to experience again the reveal of 1701-A. I was planning on which of my favorite TOS novels I'd reread and in what order. The reason? The movie captured the two things that were best about ST once you got past the (sometimes screwed up) technology, effects, plotholes, etc: the crew and the sense of adventure shared by the crew and the audience.

If you want to argue about utopias, humanity becoming the "New Man" or the like, remember that this was tacked onto TOS after it went off the air. TOS was about adventure and people facing it together (it was about making money principally but let's forego that for now). The plots were "drawn from the headlines" and the crew acted as people tend to do in real world situations: 1) they screwed up and muddled through, 2) they excelled, or 3) some combination of the above. Seems like there was a movie that came out May 9, 2009, that basically had that as the theme. If that doesn't fit within retroactively applied visions of TOS, or the (occasionally hamfisted) efforts to mold subsequent series in that image, oh well.
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