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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I've noticed that a lot of people on this board who criticize the movie do so because of the way it messes with the Star Trek universe. To be honest, isn't this the sort of nitpicking that makes Star Trek fans so easy to ridicule?

Now there are plenty of people on this board, as well, who have listed faults with the film's plotting, or direction, or acting. I disagree with them, yet I found it a lot easier to read these criticisms then it is to read about people who are upset about Vulcan being destroyed or that the Enterprise isn't close enough to the original or anything of these other cosmetic changes.

If you don't like the movie because Pine sucked, or the story didn't make sense, or the dialogue was awful, okay! I disagree with you, but at least you're criticizing the movie itself. If you're criticizing it because it's not your idea of Trek or because you can't accept the changes that have been made whether it be to the Trek universe or the uniforms or the ship, I encourage you to sit back and put all those things aside and just watch the movie!
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