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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

hello to all you trekorators out there just signed up after seeing a poll about what was the best trek series. the poster astutely left off TOS and TNG citing how they would garner most of the votes. for the record, TNG rules by a wide margin, then TOS imo.

i go back to the mid/late 70s, just after TOS ended its original run and began its first run in syndication. i used to watch it on WPIX out of new york. being just a young kid i had never heard of it during its run on NBC but remember my older brother was excited when he heard it was coming to WPIX late at night, he said it was a great show and explained to us about the ship and some of the characters. at first i found it a little boring, but after awhile i started to really enjoy it, there was something really peaceful about it. it would come on around midnight, i'd be all alone in my room curled up on my bed and i'd settle in for a vicarious experience of of zipping around the great unknown in a really cool ship. the bridge of the enterprise was like the coolest living room ever. the sound of the ship in the background was like hypnotic for me, it would make me feel calm and at ease and let me slip into this world full of all kinds of great shit like uhura's legs and Kirk's Captain Chair and of course that giant screen.......

.....then the years went by and i grew older and basically forgot about trek, chalked it up as just another show i was into as a "kid" and that's it(though i did go see all the movies). then it was announced that they were going to do TNG and the same brother, who by this time was back living in the house again was all excited about it, i was like "oh come on, you know its probably going to be crap". i wasn't excited about it at all, but since he was i was like i'll give it a shot. we watched it together and i was hooked as soon as i saw Q, i was like "yes this is fucking awesome",(i can't understand why encounter at far point wasn't too well received by some trekkers), i thought is was highly respectful of TOS and set the tone that this wasn't going to be some stupid series just looking to milk trek nation. little did i know how bad the first season was going to be(the naked now was so freaking bad, it scared me), but there were still enough positives to remain optimistic. then season two came it really started to really get better, from then on i was more than hooked. i saw it as one of the best TV shows ever made bar none and it just kept getting better. the influence it had on my life as far as opening my mind to new and better ways of thinking, of how to comport one's self, about values and respect for all things such as life and knowledge and how to be tough and fair at the same time, responsibility and sacrifice and appreciation for truth were enormous.
i was genuinely depressed when i heard year 7 was going to be the last. but as we know "all good things....."

well that's just a bit of my life with trek. although i've been disappointed by much of what's come after tng i will always stick with star trek. its not just a show, its a way of living.
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