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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

Falcor5 wrote: View Post
I wonder if it would be easier for Paramount to justify the costs to convert TNG to HD if they got a channel like the Sci-Fi network or Spike to agree to air the episodes in HD as they were made.
Sure, but would it be worth the cost to effectively put the series back into post-production? Originally, new episodes of the show would average a 10.0 to 12.0 rating. This time, they'd get no more than a 1.0 rating, and that's being on the optimistic side.
jefferiestubes8 wrote: View Post
The edit decisions have already been made starting in 1987. Whether they can access the edit decisions that correspond to the actual film negative is another matter (film keycode#s to pull negative to re-telecine original camera negative 'select takes' in to use for HD editing). Without an EDL [Edit Decision List] and film keycode every cut would have to be matched by eye which is a lot of work and NOT conventional.
That's what I'm saying. They'd have to do the editing all over again. And you're right, trying to not only simply edit the show but make it exactly match the original edits is an added burden, and there's certainly nothing conventional about doing that. It makes it even harder.
LitmusDragon wrote: View Post
I think for any kind of hi-def treatment they are going to need to source from the original film negatives. It doesn't seem like editing the original film elements back together should be all that difficult. It's the fact that they'd have to replace every single transporter and phaser effect that would make this really time consuming. TOS at least could use the existing transporter and phaser effects and save their budget for the background and space exteriors. All this stuff on TNG was done on video tape.
I think it's the reverse, actually. Adding new CGI effects wouldn't be such a time-consuming challenge as trying to make brand new edits match the originals. I'm no videophile or anything, but it seems to me this is this biggest challenge.
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