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Re: Batman/Superman Enemies and Allies Kevin J. Anderson

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I've never been to keen on the idea of the novelization of superheroes. It's not that they're crap, but superheroes have always worked, at least to me, best in the visual medium of comics. When Superman's cape flutters in the breeze, you don't want to read two or three sentences describing it. You want to see a top notch artist illustrate it.

My point is that I have enough chapter books on my plate. Get someone like Ethan Van Sciver to add pictures to Kevin J. Anderson's words, and then I'll be interested.
I've never been too keen on Kevin J. Anderson(you use your middle initial? How pretentious!). I met him, I've read some of his stuff and the guy is a hack who's all about the money and nothing else. I watched him blow off a fan at a fan appreciation event sponsored by SFWA so he could discuss a paid appearance at some convention with one of the convention organizers. The poor kid just wanted an autograph but ole Kev couldn't be bothered-he was negotiating hotel allowances. I have no interest in this Batman thing-KJA never showed an ounce of originality in anything else he wrote that I read and I would not expect a sudden revelation now.
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