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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 22: (Ending 06.13.93)
DS9: Duet (Airdate 06.13.93)

I happen to know that the repeat TNG aired for this week was Rascals, so obviously TNG wins th- ah, heh...

Okay, I couldn't seriously write that whole thing. Really, I'm kind of disappointed TNG didn't send in any competition against DS9 this week. Their scouting report must have went something like this:

"Geez, have you seen that Duet that's coming out? Man, what a tour de force that episode is. It's gonna establish DS9 as a real legitimate heavy-weight. No more dinkering around with warm-up skirmashes like The Passenger or The Storyteller. We'd better toss this round, but hey, at least we'll then get the season finale week all to ourselves! Let's see how their season finale matches up with our second-to-last episode!"

Well, maybe not.

Weekly Winner

Next Week:
TNG - Timescape
DS9 - In The Hands Of The Prophets
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