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Re: Terminator: Salvation Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

I voted thank you for explaining or simply average.

The story in all honesty is very weak. I mean very weak. You could almost tell that probably almost 21324 writers chipped in on the story as the story had a lot of side stories and plot points that simply were not followed through. I honestly felt that this movie had a lot of motifs and themes that could work for it and add more depth to the story and the characters. The Marcus character for instance really was a wasted opportunity, he really could have been used as a jumping point for the series to explore what is it about us that really makes us human and is a machine that thinks it is human really human etc.

It will be really nice to see if the extra 30 to 40 minutes that were cut out of the film, if they add to the story at all and hopefully fill in some of the details and flesh out the characters. In all honesty, I felt the movie really almost degenerated into move here, find robot, fight destroy, move there, find robot, fight destroy rinse and repeat.

On the positive side, you could tell that the writers knew their terminator and respected the franchise. There were a lot of homages or references thrown into the movie that would please the terminator geek. Also, the movie does feel like a futuristic war movie and you do feel the dread and fear that permeates humanity in this chapter. On the other hand though, some references from T1 like only moving around and fighting at night (mentioned by Kyle in T1), is kinda thrown out the window as almost all the fighting is done during the day. Also Skynet central in Silicon Valley...nice touch.

I hope they make a sequel to continue the series, but after this movie, I really am afraid that Terminator may in fact be terminated. What a horrible week for the fans, TSCC gets canceled and Salvation is just meh.....yikes

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