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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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They're not going to want to do all the post-production for the entire series all over again from the start the conventional way.

Hober Mallow
CBS DVD/Paramount Home Entertainment may not want to spend the money to re-conform the show to HD and that IS what it is called 'reconforming to HD'. They would be reconforming the original film to the standard definition edit, and re-rendering the visual effects in HD.
Please see these two posts for details on the actual work needed.
The edit decisions have already been made starting in 1987. Whether they can access the edit decisions that correspond to the actual film negative is another matter (film keycode#s to pull negative to re-telecine original camera negative 'select takes' in to use for HD editing). Without an EDL [Edit Decision List] and film keycode every cut would have to be matched by eye which is a lot of work and NOT conventional.

When it comes to the visual effects and the live-action model work of Enterprise D most likely they would go with all CGI. see this post for why.
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