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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I realize as much as anybody that even the fans of Trek had grown tired of reset buttons and such. But, they are as much a part of Trek lore as the characters themselves. The moment you introduce time travel into this film you essentially accept that time is going to get mucked up and it will be up to the crew of the ship to fix it.

By mid film, three characters in the film know how the timeline is supposed to go... Nero, Old Spock, and Kirk (by virtue of Spock's mind meld), yet neither of the two good guys thinks it's important enough to fix, which, they could have done with a couple of small changes at the end.

Overall, I think the movie had potential to not only do what Abrams wanted (which it obviously has) but retain some assemblance of the traditional as well. It didn't need to be the either-or situation that it became.

So, ultimately, I guess if I cared more about great visuals and decent action than I did about a story that makes sense and has an actual moral message consistent with the franchise's history, I would probably like this movie. Otherwise, it's pretty lacking.

In the end, I'm glad I didn't pay for it.
but prime spock has now seen that messing with time isnt as easy as it seems .
he has the whole selar mess to know this.
and one thing year of hell showed the fans is that sometimes trying to
"fix" time just makes things worse.

even in city things might not have been totally the same as they were before.
for instance a person died that was not supposed to have died.

one could go back trying to fix things and potentially make things even worse.
to save his mother and his planet would prime spock be justified even if it ment the loss of even more planets??
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