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Re: Terminator: Salvation Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

Well, I went to the midnight showing tonight.

Gotta say, I liked it a lot.

It isn't a sweeping epic like T2, or a 'cult classic' like the original. But it's a solid action flick and fixes some of the issues of recent Terminators.

That said, they trimmed a little too much of the "fat" out to fit into a run-time. The fat being, the story. There was a story, but it got trimmed to it's bare bones. The action was epic. The acting was great. The characters besides John, Kyle and Marcus and to a lesser degree Blair where really under utilized. The prequel novel did such a great job with Blair and Barnes and Kate, I expected more from them in the film and was disappointed not to get such.

That said, the action was so good, so much better than T3 or TSCC, it really made up for some things. I hope they do an extended cut DVD as the story could be greatly "fattened" by such, as time would no longer be an issue.

The much discussed Scwarzenegger CGI cameo? Fan-frakking-tastic. Perfectly done.

There where many connections to the second film, few to the third, and a few to the first. There was one scene that was almost identical to the end factory sequence from T1. They gave John Connor his trademark scar we always saw in future-flashes in T2 and T3. They gave us some new things too.

I'll be seeing it again Saturday, and will be able to make a better assessment then, but it was a solid film, even with it's faults. The action alone makes it worth watching. It's a bit of a Terminator fans wet-dream at times, lol.

It's a great set-up film for a trilogy, and I hope it launches one. I also hope there is a little more balance to story next time. But I can live with it.

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