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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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TJinPgh, Kirk got the chair in recognition of 2 things:
1) he saved the Earth. That's a biggie.
If that's the biggie, then you prove my point. Kirk didn't save the Earth. Spock did.

2) When everyone in the command stuff wanted to do one thing, Kirk followed his gut instinct and said, "No, we need to do this instead", and he was proved to be right. In a commander, that is more valuable than all the spit and polish and by the rules you can name.
The fact that Spock was able to make his plan work in no way suggests that doing what he had been told to do would have failed.

It was also pointed out by Bob Orci in the Q&A thread that the time between the destruction of the Narada and the ceremony at Star Fleet where Kirk is commissioned is a little vague, so he could have completed whatever he needed to, with the recommendation of Spock and Pike, to become Captain. That's how I'm reading it, I'm fine with that.
Read: "We wrote a story that's full of holes so whatever you can come up with to get this thing to make sense works for us."

To each his own and I'm glad you enjoyed it. And, if that were the only example of weak writing in the movie I might go along with it. But, it's not.

Ultimately, though, as weak as I believe the story was, the biggest flaw with the movie continues to be the message. The unfortunate part of it is that it's a flaw that could have easily been corrected by simply changing the ending of the film. The rest of the film could have remained the same.
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