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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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By way of comparison, I remember getting in an argument with somebody about the guys in SW being able to block laser beams with a light saber, saying it doesn't matter how force-ful his parrying is, he doesn't move at lightspeed.
Ah, but he doesn't need to. All a Jedi has to do is *put his lightsaber in front of where the beam would be*. That doesn't require moving at lightspeed. The beam is going to get from whoever's firing, to the Jedi, regardless. All that matters is having something *blocking* said Jedi from being hit.
Maybe I'm just being extraordinarily dense or not getting the joke (if you're making one), but in those movies, especially the parts of the prequels I've seen, they are blocking multiple shots in rapid succession. ANY variation in how the shooter fires -- a flinch, a jostling, a nervous wiggle of the gunhand -- will result in a slightly different shot, and a resulting different position hit on the soon to be victim, necessitating a move on the part of the soon to be victim to head off that next beam hit.

I also don't understand how in the prequels they can jump out of air cars and free fall onto other cars successfully, but I'm hoping the explanation for that isn't as headache inducing as this one seems to be. On second thought, I bet it is, so I just don't want to know (or see those level of rationalizations in what is in theory a trek thread.)

Sorry for the detour.
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