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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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By way of comparison, I remember getting in an argument with somebody about the guys in SW being able to block laser beams with a light saber, saying it doesn't matter how force-ful his parrying is, he doesn't move at lightspeed.
Ah, but he doesn't need to. All a Jedi has to do is *put his lightsaber in front of where the beam would be*. That doesn't require moving at lightspeed. The beam is going to get from whoever's firing, to the Jedi, regardless. All that matters is having something *blocking* said Jedi from being hit.
You're right. The Jedi doesn't have to move at lightspeed to parry a laser bolt. Let's estimate how fast he would need to be.

Assume the shooter and the Jedi were standing ten feet apart. Light travels at exactly 299,792,458 meters per second. Ten feet is exactly 3.048 meters, which means that the laser bolt would travel from the blaster barrel to the Jedi's location in approximately 0.0000000102 seconds.

Assume the Jedi has to move his lightsaber a mere three feet in order to parry the laser bolt. Three feet is exactly 0.9144 meters, and the Jedi has an entire 0.0000000102 seconds to move the lightsaber. 0.9144 meters per 0.0000000102 seconds is about 89,600,000 meters per second, or only about 0.3 times the speed of light.

In summary, the Jedi would have time to take a nap and play a game of sabacc before moving the lightsaber.
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