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Re: Allow Myself to Introduce...Myself

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one question FlyingLemons: Why is it called "Theoretical Physics" what does that mean? I always thought physics was the application of theories?
Theoretical physics tends to deal in the abstract side of physics; it focuses mainly on the mathematics rather than on the experimental or the observational parts of the discipline. Examples of topics of study in theoretical physics might be general relativity, cosmology, quantum field theory, etc... Just as an example of how theoretical physics is sometimes perceived: at my institution, the Theoretical Physics program falls under the Applied Mathematics department rather than the Physics and Astronomy department.

While I'm here, I guess I should introduce (reintroduce?) myself... I'm a long time member here, but haven't been around for a good five years or so. Some of the long-time members may remember me as the TNG forum moderator back in the day. I'll be stopping by the forum here from time to time to see what's being discussed.

I'm currently a doctoral candidate in theoretical astrophysics, so I have a fairly good physics knowledge (just don't ask me to start naming constellations in the sky... I'm not an observer!)
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