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Re: Your definition of a real 'Trekkie'?

Thanks for all your input. I wish I could be as chill about this as you guys are, and I know that this is such a trivial thing to get so worked up over, but it bothers me regardless.

I'll try listing some reasons why these people bother me so much, maybe you can tell me where I'm wrong?

- They don't know what it's like to be called a nerd or geek and teased for liking Star Trek because it's more popular now.
- Star Trek fans are usually more free-thinkers (at least as far as the ones I've encountered go) and these people...are mostly the follow-the-trends-of-society kind of people.
- There are a lot of slobbery teenage fangirls (usually for anime) at my school. Many of these people are the ones I'm so annoyed with.
- This new movie doesn't even actually follow the timeline and is more like Star Wars than Star Trek, in my opinion. I like it a lot, but it's really very different from the rest of the Trek universe.
- I seem to attract these kinds of people for some reason. They didn't bother me at first, it just that I keep encountering them.
- I kind of had a problem with other teenage Trek fans before the movie, and now the population has exploded.

Hm. I'll bet most of these people lose interest when they either start trying to watch the series and realize it's not as exciting as the movie, or when the next big summer movie comes out. I think that is part of the reason too though - they're claiming to be Trekkies when they probably won't even care about it in a few months. I know I need to just ride this out, but I'm easily annoyed by other people in general, and other people are hard to ignore when there's 6 billion of them on the planet.
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