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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Random Thoughts (*)

Boooooring! This is yet another episode of Star Trek where they stop off on some planet and one of the main cast gets arrested for something which a) they didn't do, or b) should not be illegal in the first place. This episode is the latter.

The idea of a society where violent thoughts are illegal is interesting, but a procedural investigation show is not a good way to explore that idea. I don't care that there is a black market on the planet where violent thoughts are bought and sold, I don't care that these aliens are going to remove the violent thought from B'Elanna's brain, I don't care about anything happening in the episode. Even Tim Russ gives a strangely disinterested performance, this is a long way from his excellent performance in Meld.

I'm a fan of the Prime Directive, I think it is a great concept, but these aliens need Jim Kirk to show up and give a speech about how restrictive their laws are and how civil liberties are wonderful. Sure, they may lead to acts of violence but that is the price you pay for living in a free society. This is one time where I would give Janeway a pass for bending the PD, but the episode focuses on its boring investigation story instead. Bad decision.

I'm afraid what we have here is an episode which would feel right at home on TNG.
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