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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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It's the fact that they'd have to replace every single transporter and phaser effect that would make this really time consuming.
Really? I didn't know they'd have to go that far.

That being said: This is their chance to make phaser effects that make sense. As we all know, when we saw a phaser fired on that show, the beam actually took a visible amount of time to reach its target. This should not happen. These are beams of light, after all. They should be instant. The only time I ever remember this actually being done right, was in Voyager's "Future's End" when somebody fires a 29th century phaser. It *immediately* took out its target. The beam appeared between the phaser and the target without any sense of taking any time to reach it. It was near instantaneous. As all phaser beams should be.
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