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Batman/Superman Enemies and Allies Kevin J. Anderson

I saw this in Chapters this morning after coming out of my doctor's appointment and flipped through it and it looks interesting. This takes place during the mid 1950's and focuses on Batman and Superman's first meeting as they track down a plot involving Lex Luthor. I read through the first two or three pages and I'm actually intrigued enough that I requested it at my local library so hopefully it will be good. It has a New Frontier vibe since it takes place during the 50's. I hope that it's better than the garbage and disapointment that was Last Days of Krypton that came out two years ago. On the acknowledgments page Anderson credits Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, and Frank Miller for influencing the book. I'm assuming that he's referenced Superman: For All Seasons, The Long Halloween and Dark Victory along with The Dark Knight Returns since those are those creators most famous works with these characters. Has anyone checked it out yet? It was just released so maybe not...I'd be interested to read a review.
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