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Re: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier enhanced effects reel

What's funny (and sad) is that the amatuer used the same angles as the 'pro' and beat them at every turn.

But I agree that that they should restage most of the shots.

Except the pull-in to Spock as that was exactly how Shatner planned that shot.

But in a way it's good that they reused the angles from the original because if they ever re-do the FX for home video, they'll come up with all-different angles anyway.

So an amatuers version of the original's shots is okay as an interim step.

I doubt they'll re-release the movie as part of a 'Director's set' without redoing the FX.

It's been released in theatrical version on Blu-ray and it has Shatner's commentary & the deleted scenes, so any future director's set release would have to have something new from the director.
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