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Star Trek TNG Remastered?

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it depends on the cost who know perhaps season 1 and 2 will get remastered to see the demand if good enough the rest of the seasons may get the remastered treatment as well
If CBS DVD/Paramount Home Entertainment is spending a bunch of money to do it why wouldn't they just do a fan collective on Blu-ray of TNG of 12-14 episodes instead of 24 episodes as an entire season? It is a lower cost business decision for them and the product would cost less for consumers. Casual fans would probably buy it instead of investing in an entire season.
Right now a 40-year old TV series TOS season 1 is on Blu-ray for $69.99-85. (Internet prices)
Could they charge $40. for a TNG Blu-ray fan collective? $45?

If the demand is there they may do full seasons.
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