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Re: Phantasm 5. Any news?

Nov 2008.

THE DEADBOLT: I spoke to Don Coscarelli last year and your name came up a lot. Basically, he said he’d put you in every one of his movies if he could. So, what’s the latest on Phantasm V?
BANNISTER: [laughs] See, Don thinks of me as his good luck charm. And he was really kind of pissed because he didn’t put me in Beastmaster, for example, because that wasn’t a happy experience for him and he just kind of sold out of that and moved on. But Phantasm V, when you’re dealing with a picture like this there’s something sort of mystical about it. It has a tendency to garner favor from people that really can’t get enough of it and they just can’t wait for the next one to come out.
But if you look at the history of Phantasm, there were ten years in between the first one and the second one. We did the second and third with universal, so that was a back-to-back deal. Then the next one wasn’t until 1993. It’s an open ended story because it’s life, and it’s the lives of these certain characters that keeps unfolding. You don’t know where they’re going to end up, they don’t know where they’re going to end up, you don’t know where the story is going. And so paradigms like that have a tendency to spawn rumors and hopes. Even if you go on IMDB right now it says that we’re working on a feature as we speak and we tried every way possible.
I mean, I think we all tried. Don tried and I know that we tried to get that rumor quashed because we’re not. I mean, we’d like to be - That would be fun to be working on a feature right now but we’re not working on a feature. So that’s where that’s at. And that’s not to say that that won’t happen, or that won’t happen sooner than later, because I personally think it’s just a matter of time before this movie gets another shot. At least with the characters as they are. I think it’s possible they could make Phantasm films after I’ve croaked and probably after Don has croaked as well. But because the paradigm is so fascinating and truly wonderful, it’s a story of - there’s a lot of love in it. There’s brotherhood, family feeling, and - I don’t know, it’s just a good story.

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