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Re: WIP - TMP Enterprise, deck by deck

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I decided to enclose the forward end of the shuttle-bay tonight, trying to keep the best of both TMP and TFF, and to permit turbolift access to the shuttle-bay and associated hangars.

and the wider field of view

There are pressure doors permitting access to the shuttle elevators (port elevator is green). I have reworked the Q-deck side portions of the shuttle-bay, but have not yet built the "cuby-holes" for the Work-bees and other associated hardware, nor have I added the landing-lights and other flight-deck hardware.
Well, I know you're working from pre-existing blueprints for the most part, but I have to toss this out there...

Does a ship this size REALLY need that many lift stations? I mean... honestly... the secondary hull isn't that long. Put a single station about midway down the hull... and it's how far, again, to the most distant part of that deck?

This is a personal pet-peeve of mine... no wonder Scotty became overweight... he never had to walk more than ten steps between any room and any lift tube!

Seriously... the shuttle-bay tube seems sorta silly to me. Two main "vertical" tubes (midway down the hull, port and starboard, in the cargo deck area) seems MORE than enough, doesn't it?
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