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Re: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier enhanced effects reel

I remember the issue of MACWORLD that showed frames from the previsualization for that FLY INTO THE ENTERPRISE WINDOW shot, and was thinking it would have been almost impossible to pull off well back then (shoot, they had something like that for the beginning of BLADE RUNNER and couldn't get it right, and those folks had a lot more on the ball!)

The barrier stuff looked really good to me, and I assume that the Enterprise stuff will improve drastically with time (I have a real hard time buying off on most CG starships, with the exception of SOLARIS and some bg FC ships and of course the Scott Gammans TOS E - the clips he has up against MOONRAKER music, that is -- which looks almost like the old model to me.)

I think the key to making the shuttle shots work is to lose that silly light thing on the underside ... it always looked bad, and it probably always will.
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