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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Journey To Babel is second season, not third, so you'll get to it sooner than expected.
*headdesk* And I knew it when I posted!
Thanks for the pics pookha and Bobatiel

I've reread what I've posted about Sarek before and I've realised that maybe I didn't express myself well. You could see that Sarek loved Amanda in TOS (okay, not at first) but I just couldn't imagine him telling that to Prime Spock or telling him to embrace his emotions. NuSarek didn't seem that different at the beginning (with him telling Spock he married his mother because it was logical) but then he lost both his planet and his wife. I suppose that if the same thing had happened to Prime Sarek, he could have had the same reaction.

Listening to the score as I post

yeah i agree that it would have been something like the sudden loss of amanda for sarek to so openly admit it to his son.
but i still think it shows in babel.

babel is one of my favorite episodes especially that end scene.
bones gets the last word.
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