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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Well hi, I'm new. I came here after seeing ST0 (can I call it that?) and wondering what people had to say about some of the new elements that I have not been exposed to before. I watched TOS in the 70's when it was in syndication and have been a fan since. I call myself a Trekie and don't care what people think of that. I loved TNG as well, didn't warm too much to DS9 because after the first season it seemed to dilute itself. By the time VOY was on TV I was jonesing again so I've seen most of that. I am one of the few who liked STE as well. I was very sad when they cancelled it. I think the NX-01 is my favourite Enterprise design. I never read a novel, but have seen all the movies. I own TWOK and FC and will likely buy ST0 at some point. Cannon Violation sphincter tightening aside, this looks like a good community.

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