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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I just got back from seeing the film with a friend of the family. See's 67 and already likes to watch TOS and TNG.
It was a bit of an embarrassment for me to have her invited to watch 'Angels and Demons' last Saturday - so I invited her for today to see Star Trek with me .
And she really liked it. She's even considering to see it again. And she's going to spread the word to her son and his girlfriend also

One thing she said I found really funny (considering all the 'canon-violation'-cries around here); she said that she liked the fact that this film didn't wipe away the old Trek, that this new version and the old version can live side by side (not her exact words - but something to that effect).

Casual fans like her and a few of my friends, with whom I've watched the film on opening-weekend, have a better understanding of what this film tries to accomplish than all the canonistas here combined.
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