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Went for an hour long run today. Ran almost the entire way, which is only the first or second time I've been able to do that since starting back up. My right hip and foot and left knee were killing me though.
I used to run 10-K races relatively regularly -- but as Nero would say "that was another life" (about 25 years ago).

I look like I'm in decent shape now (at least with my clothes on), but I know I'm not...if I tried to run even one mile, I'd be calling 911. However, my brain and my mid-life crisis are calling me to get back into racing shape and get back to running regularly.

My brain knows I should get back into shape because it's good for my heart, and my mid-life crises wants me to get back into shape so I look good again with my shirt off.

My goal is to be able to compete in 5-K races this year, and 10-K races next year.
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