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Re: What if Firefly had run for five seasons?

Things we missed out on when Firefly was cancelled

Morena Bacarin leaves the cast in season 3 for her own spin-off series, HBO's "Inara." Saffron, played by the lovely Christina Hendricks, joins the cast as Mal's new love interest causing the internet fans to divide into two camps

In season 5, Mal and crew join the Alliance to fight it from the inside. Serenity is traded in for one of the Alliance Skyscraper cruisers

Mal's younger brother Dusty, played by former child star Jonathon Lipnicki, joins the cast in season 6. Some fans embrace the character, while many others consider him "whiny."

Season 4 contains an episode hailed by fans as one of the series very best. After Mal is blinded in a Reaver attack, the rest of the episode is shown from his point of view: just a black screen with voice overs. Says director Joss Whedon in an interview, "I wanted to push myself as a Director. I didn't want to keep falling back on the crutch of 'Over, over, 2-shot."

During the hiatus between seasons 3 & 4, series star Nathan Fillion use the time to star in the new live action film version of Hanna Barbara's the Jetsons. Says Fillion in an interview, "I love doing Firefly and working with (series creator) Joss Whedon, but the Jetsons is allowing me to stretch my acting muscles and do something a little different."

Season 2 sees David Boreanaz, star of Whedon's recently cancelled Angel, star as the president of the Blue Sun corporation.

In season 3, former Buffy co-star Nicholas Brendon was cast as the evil President of the Alliance. When asked, Brendon was quoted as saying "Who wouldn't do it? I got promoted from hunky yet witty best friend to head of the galaxy. Go me!"

In season 6, three words: Firefly the Musical
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