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Re: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier enhanced effects reel

It was a real pleasure to see the NCC-1701-A back in action.

The continuous shot from the exterior, through the window, focusing in on Spock in the "Captain's Wheel" room (for want of a better description)... nicely done.

I was listening to the new Blu Ray commentary for Star Trek V just the other night. It would be nice if the original title sequence plans are realised at some point. Something similiar has been done since, in Contact for instance... From what I've learned, it was a non stop shot from Sybok laughing, up through the clouds, out into space, across vast distances, passing planets in various systems, then into our own, to settle on Earth, descending to see Kirk climbing Yosemite.

So sad that Shatner's original vision, got pruned down each time to a reuse of past starfields and previous ILM footage...
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