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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

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But, by the same token, they're a species that is truly dedicated to non-violence, and they proved willing to sacrifice themselves, even by the millions, in the name of preserving other peoples' -- even their enemies' -- lives. That shouldn't be written off.
I actually consider that a bad thing, a sign of how doctrinarian and inflexible their thinking is if they're willing to let millions die--even if voluntarily--to save a mere handful of people. Some will say that arithmetic shouldn't decide matters of life or death, but I consider that psychotically disproportionate in terms of loss/gain.
*shrugs* This may just boil down to personal temperament, but to me, the willingness of millions of people to die to protect a smaller number of people is something to interpret positively -- an act of genuine altruism, not merely a sign of dogmatism and inflexibility.

Obviously, there's some moral ambiguity there insofar as there would have been no NEED to do that had they not taken the Humans prisoner. But my interpretation is that the Caeliar would have been willing to die to save the humans even if they had not contributed to the situation.
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