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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 21: (Ending 05.30.93)
TNG: Second Chances (Airdate 05.24.93)
DS9: Dramatis Personae (Airdate 05.30.93)

You have to hand it to TNG this week: they didn't take the easy way out. It would have been so simple to let Tom Riker be killed in a moment of heroism or whatnot, and return everything back to status quo. I have to admit it really irks me that Tom didn't seem that mentally unstable for a person alone for 8 years. Not only does he have his wits about him, but he also is able to handle the fact he was duplicated and having to deal with Troi in the process (with mixed results). Granted, this episode isn't about psychological trauma (and we only just had an episode about such); rather what-ifs. I think they did a reasonable job of it here. (and, unlike the bigger bombshell of an Emperor Kahless from last week, we'd get to see Tom Riker again)

Dramatis Personae is kind of goofy in comparison. I didn't buy the mutiny angle, and once it's revealed everyone's Under Alien Influence, it became less of an issue. Still, everyone involved seemed to be enjoying themselves, with some wonderfully acted scenes -Brooks and Visitor especially looked like they were having fun hamming it up and chewing scenery.

TNG had the meatier episode, though, so they take this week. How will the shows fare as we head into the final stretch of the season? Well, taking a quick glance ahead, it looks like DS9 will make a mad dash for glory.

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