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Re: Terminator: Salvation Discuss/Grade <Spoilers>

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Screw you haters.

I just saw it two hours ago at a sneak.

My grade: I'll Be Back, A, 3.5*** out of 4
You're lucky, they made me sign an NDA. I can't talk about it until Thursday more than vague comments and little asides.
I've always wondered this so I'm going to ask point blank NX, are you a pro in any capacity in the business?

I saw it at a general sneak via as I see 50% of the sneaks I attend. At best they check us "general population" attendees for recording devices. I've never had to sign a NDA. The point of these screeners, as I understand them, is to get early buzz going. Talking about that is the only way to do that.

I'd say more but as I said in my first post in the thread I want to discuss it and not write up a monologue type review.
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