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Re: Could we Trekkers have saved the Trek XI script? [SPOILERS]

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Oh, I don't disagree with you, I really liked he movie but it was a long way from a great through plot. Nonetheless it's strong, colourful and filled with great characters and moments, and with a bit of luck it'll be better next time around. Whoever said it needed another 20 minutes, well, you're right, but I would have said 30, and hopefully we'll get those deleted scenes put back in on the DVD.
Well, you're right, too. There have been some very nit-picky criticisms. The science is iffy and convenient, but that's almost always Star Trek. If an entire world could be created by a Genesis Device that was basically the size of a person, then why can't there be a substance like Red Matter, small amounts of which can destroy planets?

I did post earlier that I think this movie could've been better if it were actually longer. Not to put more into it, but the same story spread out over 20 or 30 more minutes to give it more depth. If there's any consensus at all about where some extra time would've improved the movie, I'd say that was fleshing out Nero and his motives a little better. And, hey, as entertaining as the movie was anyway, who would've complained about it being a bit longer?

My criticisms are mostly frustrations about how close they came to actually nailing a 10 out of 10. So damn close. If at had stunk, I'd have just walked away shaking my head and remained silent.
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