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Re: Could we Trekkers have saved the Trek XI script? [SPOILERS]

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No, Trek fans couldn't have saved it.

We'd never had reached any kind of agreement. Someone would have hated it, someone. Dreaming if you think we would.

I'm ESPECIALLY referring to the people who pick and pick and pick and pick and pick at it, Case in point.
The movie, while entertaining (I'm seeing it again, tomorrow), has weaknesses that go beyond any nit-picking about canon violations and straight to basic elements of storytelling and characterization. I see nothing wrong with critiquing the movie at that level. That's the difference between constructive critical analysis and nit-picking over uniform colors and where the ships are being built.

I wouldn't presuppose I could do what Orci and Kurtzman did, but did they do a good job compared to those who do practice their craft of screenwriting? The premise and bare bones of the story are good, in my opinion. But, could they have done a better job than they did in conveying it? Could the movie have had more depth? Nothing wrong with debating that. And, at least in my case, it doesn't convey total dissatisfaction with the product I was given.
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