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Re: Spock's full name

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Googling for Spock's full name, I came across the Memory Beta-Wiki which lists his name as "S'chn T'gai Spock".

It goes on to say, "As is the case with most Vulcans, only his last name was used due to the difficulty non-Vulcans would have in pronouncing his full name, although on at least one occasion Spock revealed his full name."

Okay, now I'm looking for that at least one occasion. Was it in a TV-episode or one of the movies? Or a novel - if so which one?

It was from a novel. Memory Beta is a wiki for non-canonical information (novels, comics, chronologies, etc.) Very useful, but use the information at your own discretion. For canonical information, the reference is Memory Alpha.

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it's from a novel. it's also wrong. everyone knows Spock's first name is Carl.
Incorrect. It's Harold. His mom confirmed so.
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