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Re: Embarrassed by Voyager?

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If my post offended any here I offer my apologizes as I am a fan of the series I meant no harm with my post. I don't think it was so much an embarrassment for me to watch Voyager as much as it sometimes felt more like a guilty pleasure.
Not meaning for that to sound sexiest or vulgar by any means but being a man, it is hard not to notice an attractive woman wearing a very skin tight cat suit especially when one has a figure like Jeri Ryan does. Again, I do not mean to sound disrespectful to the women here. I loved the character and how she grew in the show and made it more interesting. I believe her role made some of the best episodes of the series. I see now that the problem I had was with me, not the series itself. Any way thank you all for opening my eyes to things I had not thought of before.

Ilogicalone I am glad you liked 7 so much and came to appreciate her as you did. I think she's a very interesting person and her story of trying to move forward from a life as Borg never fails to grip me.

Your response to the catsuit is, sadly, just what the producers wanted, ie a sexual response. Your embarrassment is an extra, a product of your personality. In order to defend 7 from being constantly denigrated as "just some T and A" I like to offer the uniform explanation, an in-universe explantion which I believe works well. As an addition to that remember that 7 was very naive and did not understand attraction, how to interact socially, romance.. and would have been quite oblivious to other's reactions to her good figure. I do question the idea (not put forward by you) that having a great figure means you shouldn't wear catsuits, but it's okay if your figure is just meh, but that's a question that takes place outside of VOY.

I also think if you look for in-universe explanations as to why it is okay in VOY to wear something that no one in their right mind would wear for WORK today it shows there may be sociological differences in the future that make it okay. Janeway is very protective of 7 but she does not once take her aside and suggest she wear something else.. so obviously the wearing of catsuits is not an issue in the future.

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