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Re: Star Trek: Destiny Book 1: Gods of Night - (SPOILERS)

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and I am really the only one to think that the Caeliar are bastards?
Probably not. My attitude towards the Caeliar is that they're morally compromised, but they're not complete bastards. I'm not willing to make all these assumptions about their culture -- the presumption of the absolute stagnation of their culture and arts, for instance -- that you have. And I think we should bear in mind that they probably go to great lengths to make sure that the civilizations they've displaced can survive, even thrive, in their new locales. But I also agree that they're guilty of what we would consider some fairly horrific sentient rights violations, including kidnapping, unjust imprisonment, imprisonment without due process, and forced relocation of entire cultures.

But, by the same token, they're a species that is truly dedicated to non-violence, and they proved willing to sacrifice themselves, even by the millions, in the name of preserving other peoples' -- even their enemies' -- lives. That shouldn't be written off.

In other words... they're people.
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